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It has been all over the news lately: another massive data breach at a national retailer. Most recently an estimated 56 million cards that were used at Home Depot. Before that was Target, along with T.J Maxx, P.F Chang’s, and Jimmy Johns, to mention a few. Many of our members were impacted by more than one of these massive data breaches. What does this mean for you and Heritage Valley Credit Union? What is Heritage Valley doing to help minimize the impact of these breaches, and what can you do to protect yourself, your money and your data?

A Major Inconvenience
Data breaches are a major source of frustration and inconvenience for you and the credit union. We at Heritage Valley take the protection of your personal information very seriously. When a breach occurs we reissue your credit or debit cards that were involved in the breach. As a result, you need to activate the new cards, the cards have new card numbers and/or expiration dates, and you have to contact merchants to change the automatic payments that are setup on your cards. We understand this is an inconvenience for you and reissuing cards is a frustration for Heritage Valley as well. It distracts our team from other activities and projects that could deliver the service that you have come to expect from Heritage Valley. In addition, reissuing cards comes with a significant expense in terms of labor, new card stock, and postage expenses.

Who is Liable for Fraud Losses?
Under current law, the merchant is not responsible for the losses associated with a compromise. Instead, financial institutions bear this expense, even though we had absolutely nothing to do with the incident.

You may have also heard about VISA® ‘s Zero Liability policy. While it may seem that VISA® would be responsible for reimbursing you if fraud occurs on your card, the reality is that the credit union is responsible to refund any fraud losses that you may experience.

What Can You Do?
We want our members to enjoy the convenience of credit and debit cards and we want you to feel safe using your cards regularly. We also care about protecting you from data breaches. Here are a few tips and suggestions about how you can help minimize the impact to yourself:

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