Kemba Credit Union Hours


It is a survival story that will leave you shaking your head in wonder: an armed robber marched his victim into the Kemba Credit Union on East Broad Street in Reynoldsburg.

The ordeal began at a car wash where the victim says the robber threatened him with a gun.

"He was gonna blow my head off, ” says Nana Nantwi.

He says he promised the gunman he would drive him to the bank to get money. "He was like ‘are you serious? I am the one that is making the promise. Believe me.’”

A bank surveillance camera captured the two men walking into the Kemba Credit Union. Nantwi says the suspect hid the gun in his coat, but even so, banker, Rachel Clifford, sensed something was wrong. "(There was a) difference in the way they were dressing, the way they carried themselves, ” Clifford explains.

The two men took a seat in Clifford's office where she says the gunman pressured Nantwi to take a loan for a $1, 000.

The victim says at that point he'd had enough.

Nantwi says he told the gunman, “young man, here is my banker and it's about time I had some privacy with her about what I'm asking for, so would you please just step up and get into the lobby?”

Nana says it's a mystery, but for some reason the man with the gun decided to take orders from the victim and he got up out of this chair and walked right out of the office.

As the gunman walked out of the office, Nantwi warned Clifford they were all in danger. "He's got a gun in his jacket, even as he was sitting here!” Nantwi recalls saying. “Let's quickly do something."

Clifford stayed calm, alerted police, and warned other bank tellers before the suspect slipped out.

Columbus police quickly caught up with 22-year-old Gerald Jones, who they say fired a shot at officers before he was arrested and charged with aggravated robbery.

Nantwi and Clifford say they can't explain how they got the upper hand, but both say they credit a higher power.

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