SGV Postal Credit Union

Sometime around 1976 I got a job in a stationary store in a Mall. I was 16. Malls are weird if you are in them every day for hours. I put a hat that I liked very much on lay-away. When I finally owned it, I wore it to work. My boss said to me “what do you think this is, the Easter Parade?” and made me take it off even though I had hat hair for the rest of the day.

In 1978 I got my dream job at a record store. I spent all of my money on records for the next 5 years.

I then spent about 3 years volunteering for the Alliance for Survival. Our chapter was responsible for the backstage catering for events such as “Survival Sunday” at the Hollywood Bowl. This included the crew and dressing rooms. We held fund raisers to make the money to buy the food. We also spent a lot of time on the phone soliciting companies who were “sympathetic to our cause” (I’ve always hated the way that sounds – makes me cringe) to give us cases of carrots or eggs or bananas, things like that. The Unitarian Church let us use their commercial kitchen for prep. I learned that unions and riders are a challenge. I also learned how to make a radish rose.

After leaving the record store I became an Avon Lady and went to school to learn accounting, filing and Gregg Shorthand. Approximately 10 minutes later no one knew what Gregg Shorthand was.

In 1983 or 84 (some of these things overlap) I worked as a dispatcher for an arcade game company and would take the calls when Pac Man broke and send out the nearest truck. My boss’s son kept an ouzi in the warehouse and insisted on showing it to me every time I had to go back there. I drove a forklift once and a stake bed truck once a week to China Town.

At this point I started writing letters to strangers and became a vampire poet. By that I mean that I wrote poems for and about vampires along with some occasional erotica. I joined the Undead Poet’s Society and won second prize in a poetry contest at the local community college. My poems were published in a number of horrible horror poetry journals which have since disintegrated due to exposure to the sun.

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