Total Choice Credit Union

People’s Choice Credit Union, as we know it today, arose from a merger of two great Australian credit unions in 2009. These were the Australian Central and the Savings and Loans credit unions. One result of the merger was an immediate creation of a new giant credit union with over 350, 000 members. It also brought with it $7.4 billion in advice under management, including assets.

Big mergers of large financial bodies don’t just happen. They take many months of member consultations, research and planning, including the need for a new name. The name People’s Choice was finally settled on in June 2011 because members agreed it best represented the kind of credit union they now were – a credit union people chose to join. The new credit union was now complete and it emerged doing business as one of the country’s most successful and largest member owned financial organisations. Being member owned is the biggest attribute People’s Choice credit union have going for them. It is what makes it so different to other financial bodies. Banks and most other such organisations have to serve their shareholders first and foremost. People’s Choice credit union doesn’t have any such obligation. Its very own members are its shareholders. It exists to serve its members, all profits it makes in the course of business are returned to members in the form of better or cheaper products.

People’s Choice Give Members Great Value Credit Cards

One such product range purposely designed to assist members handle their financial life easier is its credit cards. It has three in total; the Charity Credit Card, the Visa Credit Card, and the Visa Debit Card. All three have the support of Visa which makes their use practicable world wide, with all the usual Visa flexibility and security protections built in. If we look at each of them one by one you will be better able to evaluate which will suit your lifestyle best.

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