Genisys Credit Union Waterford, MI

My husband and I have a number...

My husband and I have a number of different accounts with different banks and credit unions. We were hoping to make Genisys our main location for a majority of our money. They seemed great, really helpful, and never any issues for a full year. That all changed this week. Randomly two days ago, our account with them was charged $170 in NSF fees. We have clearly more than enough money to not warrant any overdraft fees.... There is no negative balance and there has never been a negative balance. We keep the bare minimum in the savings ($5) as our real savings is held elsewhere. The checking had over $3000 when the fees started getting applied. Even after the 6 NSF fees went thru and a few payment transactions, the account was still more than positive. We called the bank and were told we'd get a call back in 10 minutes. No call, called back. Another 10 minutes. Called back, and another. Finally I called the Customer Service main line out of their home office in Michigan. They told me they cannot do anything. Only the local branch manager can reverse NSF fees. They tell me they got ahold of the manager on the other line and they refuse to reverse the fees. No one at the branch will transfer me to the manager, and the manager refused to speak with me through their main branch line when I called in. Went in to cancel account and withdraw the rest of our $, the manager had already left. Worst customer service ever. Do not work with them. They are unprofessional and steal your money!

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