Charleston Area Federal Credit Union

Evidently, SCFCU is wanting to attract a younger, hipper demographic. That's what their little write up in the paper is about today. They're offering to pay $29, 000 for someone to do a year's worth of internet play for them. They want the person to blog, vlog and talk while they jog about how cool South Carolina Federal Credit Union is.

Now if you're interested in this gig, or looking at SCFCU as your bank then let me help you out: I'm through with them. If it wasn't their impenetrable computer telephone directory, or their long, slow lines, of the fact that one must own an amphibious vehicle to access the downtown branch--you can forget it at high tide--i'd have to say the final reason i've had it with South Carolina Federal Credit Union is their predatory overdraft fees.

Recently Alison and i screwed up. A payment was made thinking it was the other's debit card and 6 (SIX), again i say, 6-6-6 overdraft charges of $33 were leveled against us. It happened over the course of a one weekend. It was our fault. But did our credit union--all pullin' for the little guy and stuff--offer to help us out? No. Sorry. Nothing i can do.

(after 12 minutes of wait time...)

Nothing? Okay, i said, I really don't need to be losing $200 right now. Can't you just drop some of them?


Is there no further recourse for me here? No one else to ask?

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