ADP Credit Union

By Maureen Condon

Automotive Avenues in Denver, CO may look like a typical automotive dealership franchise, but its mission and orientation as a business entity is something far more fascinating.

Automotive Avenues was created in 1987 as an alternative business model to the automotive franchise dealership model.

Automotive Avenues’ mission is to generate a steady, reliable flow of automotive loans for its partners -- 33 Denver area credit unions. And, it’s no accident that Automotive Avenues’ new and used car-buying customers reap the benefits of this unusual approach.

In contrast, the average automotive franchise has no particular relationship with or loyalty to local banks or credit unions; its focus is on selling cars to consumers.

“With Automotive Avenues, our focus is about building trusting relationships with our credit union partners. That in turn builds long-term repeat auto loan and new and used car sales business all around, ” says Bill Green, Automotive Avenues President/General Manager.

Bill Green, President/General Manager of Automotive Avenues

“There are a few companies like us, in this market, but none of them are as “pure” in this business model as we are, ” notes Green.

“Our partner credit unions refer their customers to us – many of them exclusively - after they have approved their applications for loans for new and used cars. And they trust us to protect their loans, their members, and their relationships with their customers and we do so.”

“In contrast, if a credit union were to send its clients out to shop at a typical car dealership, that dealership might talk the customer into working with another financial institution and the credit union loses that member and possibly their future business.”

“We operate differently. When a credit union sends us a member, we protect and honor their relationship with that client, ” says Green.

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