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So seems like many people used Alliant Credit Union to fund their MS purchase, as did I. They offered the best rate at the time when I was looking for funding. It also seems like many of the representatives seemed great & very competent.I obtained a great rate from them (1.49%), but my representative left a lot to be desired. Her name is M*rl*n* B*c*n* (didn't write the entire name for obvious reasons, but you'll recognize it if she's your loan specialist. Ask for someone else.

First off, I told her when I ordered the car & when I was supposed to take delivery. She had me fill out the loan application immediately, only to have it expire & she kept doing hard pulls on my credit to renew the loan. She didn't know to tell me not to apply for the loan until the car was almost ready for delivery. I'm also at fault for this since it's the first time I'm taking a loan out to purchase a car & didn't know either.

Then, during the application process, she asked for proof of income, which is fine & expected. However instead of asking for everything at once, she keeps forgetting to ask me for this & that & I had to keep sending her various documents for 2 weeks straight.

Thirdly, she's technology challenged, I scanned all my documents & sent it to her as PDF files, & for the life of me, I had to walk her through on the phone on how to download & open the documents, & she still couldn't figure it out. Eventually her colleague opened the files for her.

Well, all said & done, the loan went through & I got my MS, & I was happy & gonna let all this go.


Last week I received a letter from Alliant saying that they didn't receive proof of my insurance on the car ! WTF !!! I sent that to her the week I took delivery & she replied via email saying she'll send the document to their insurance verification dept & told me not to worry.

That was the last straw, & why I'm writing this. Avoid this lady like the plague if you want a smooth experience. I called Alliant & complained, but they rep just gave me lip service, apologized, & hung up. Didn't sound like she was going to be reprimanded or retrained.

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