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jailUPDATE: 7/22 The San Jose Mercury News just published a recap of Monday night’s meeting in Redwood City – Residents tell San Mateo County Sheriff no jail near homes

San Carlos is on the list.

San Mateo County is actively searching for a site to build a 776-bed replacement jail, and San Carlos is on the list…twice. Seven total sites in Burlingame, Menlo Park, Redwood City, and San Carlos have been chosen as possible locations. Here are the two in San Carlos:

Redwood City is the only other city that has two proposed sites as well.

Public Workshops

The County of San Mateo has schedule two public workshops to discuss the jail plans in more details. Here are the times and locations for each:

Here are additional sites that have more information on the jail proposal:

Good for San Carlos, or a case of NIMBY*?

Certainly the financial impact of building a 5-story complex in San Carlos would bring some much needed funds into the City’s coffers, not to mention more jobs. But how will this be received by the residents of San Carlos? Will having the County Jail within the city limits be too much of a negative connotation on the reputation of San Carlos? We have seen how aggressive lobbying has kept all-weather turf out of San Carlos.…what about a jail?

Is it a good idea, or “*Not-In-My-Back-Yard”?


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